Leveraging HPC for Alzheimer’s Research and Beyond

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lombardoIn this video from the HPC User Forum in Tucson, Joseph Lombardo from the UNLV Supercomputing Center presents: Leveraging HPC for Alzheimer’s Research and Beyond.

“The National Supercomputing Center supports research projects at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas by providing a full-service supercomputing facility, plus available training and services, to academic and research institutions, government and private industry. NSCEE’s focus is on R&D related to energy, the environment, medical informatics and health care delivery. In this presentation, Lombardo will highlight results from an Alzheimer’s research project and the NSCEE’s new system at the Supernap and how it is being used to advance research for HPC users in both academia/R&D and commercial industry. Lombardo will also highlight two emerging projects; the New School of Medicine and new Technology park.”

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  1. Missy Young says

    Audio completely cuts out at 3:01.