How Verne Global is Moving HPC Workloads to Iceland

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jorgeIn this video from the HPC User Forum in Tucson, Jorge L. Balcells from Verne Global presents: Verne Global Datacenters for Forward Thinkers.

“The global digital economy is growing and evolving rapidly and requires flexible, scalable and secure infrastructure. Our unique location, power, design and customer focus make Verne Global the obvious choice for forward thinkers across the world’s most advanced industries. At Verne Global we combine low power costs, free cooling for 365 days of the year and optimized infrastructure to reduce the total costs of ownership for your data center. Our customers have achieved savings of more than 80% on power alone. The only place in the world where your data center can operate with 100% sustainable green power is at Verne Global’s Icelandic campus. Powered by geothermal and hydro-electric sources, your IT power costs will be stable and predictable for up to 20 years.”

How much money can your save? BMW reportedly cut 3570 metric tons of CO₂ emissions and 82 percent of its operating costs crunching data in Iceland versus Germany.

If your ears are perking up at that, Verne Global is hosting a May 18 webinar on moving your workloads to Iceland.

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