Slidecast: Getting Started with HPC using the New IBM Platform LSF Suites

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Gabor Samu, IBM

Gabor Samu, IBM

In this slidecast, Gabor Samu from IBM describes the newly available IBM Platform LSF Suites for Workgroups and HPC. Designed to make it much easier to “kick the tires” on LSF, the new suites can help you configure install, maintain, and job manage HPC clusters with a single download.

“The new IBM Platform LSF Suites are packages that include more than IBM Platform LSF, they provide additional functionalities designed to simplify HPC for users, administrators and the IT organization.”

lsfFor organizations or users just starting out with HPC, IBM Platform LSF Community Edition and IBM Platform Cluster Manager Community Edition are available as no-cost downloads from IBM developerWorks. IBM Platform LSF Community Edition is a fully-integrated solution for HPC management featuring cluster provisioning and management, workload scheduling, application-centric portal and an MPI library. From small to large infrastructures, Platform Cluster Manager, Community Edition is the framework of choice for infrastructure lifecycle management. From bare metal provisioning to application deployment, it includes all the scalable tools needed for OS patching, firmware update, monitoring and reporting.


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