Video: The Internet of Machines

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In this video, Steve Hebert from Nimbix presents: The Internet of Machines.

The good folks at Nimbix have also posted full a set video presentations from their recent Developer Summit. The event brought together the best and brightest minds building the next generation of cloud computing applications. The invigorating discussions span topics from rendering and simulation to big data and machine learning, and everything in between.

“Sit back and relax while you watch videos of full presentations given by Steve Hebert (CEO, Nimbix, Inc), Paul Arden (CEO, migenius), Dave Messina(COO, Cofactor Genomics), Steve Turner (Sr. Application Engineer, Texas Multicore Technologies), Leo Reiter (CTO, Nimbix, Inc.), Fernando Martinez Vallina(Software Development Manager, Xilinx), Mazhar Memon (CTO,, Denis Peskov (PwC Advisory, Analytics Innovation Accelerator), and Bruce Wile, (IBM Distinguished Engineer).”

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