Quad-Core Maker Board Uses BSC Programming Model OmpSs

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ompss-0416-old-web-1Parallel programming software developed at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center is being used as part of a successful kickstarter campaign for a maker board with 10 times the power of the Rasberry PI 3.

Developed at BSC, the OmpSs parallel programming model is used on the new UDOO X86 board, which reached its Kickstarter funding target of €100,000 in under seven hours. UDOO X86 combines a powerful maker board and an Arduino 101-compatible platform, all embedded on the same board. It can be used for a range of applications, such as gaming, video streaming, graphic design editing, Internet of Things applications, or as a toolbox for makers.

This is a great opportunity to raise awareness about our programming model OmpSs, especially among the embedded systems communities,” said BSC Parallel Programming Models Group Manager, Xavier Martorell.

The programming model OmpSs, developed at BSC, will be used to operate the UDOO X86 Cluster Kit, providing a simple and efficient way to configure a multi-node application. Using OmpSs on the UDOO X86 is possible thanks to research led by BSC in the projects Mont-Blanc and AXIOM, funded by the European Union under the 7th Framework Program and Horizon 2020.

udooOmpSs is currently implemented on Intel/AMD x86, IBM PowerPC and BG/Q and ARM architectures, CUDA and OpenCL devices.

The Kickstarter campaign for the UDOO X86 board ends on June 6. With 41 days to go, the campaign has already crowdfunded more than €425,000 from 2,337 backers.

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