Allinea Tools to Power NEC Supercomputer at VSC in Belgium

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vscThe Flemish Supercomputer Center (VSC) is planning the deployment of a new NEC cluster that will represent Belgium’s largest investment in HPC to date. To help VSC unleash the potential of the system, Allinea software tools will be used to speed up code performance.

We are delighted to be supporting VSC in providing better education to its users around code efficiency,” said David Lecomber, CEO and Founder of Allinea. “The fact of the matter is, without visibility of code performance, researchers cannot get the full value from HPC. By appreciating how their code makes a difference to project delivery, researchers can achieve more for less cost. By underlining this best practice, VSC’s approach is one that is refreshing and makes great economic sense.”

The new supercomputer will be hosted at KU Leuven, one of five Flemish University Associations who manage the virtual center, alongside the Flemish Research Foundation (FWO).

“Our investment in new hardware establishes the VSC as a key site for funded HPC research but the unique selling point for our center will be our outstanding support for users in developing faster code that delivers more science,” said VSC Tier-1 project leader, Ingrid Barcena.

Since 2007, thousands of academic researchers and industrial users have accessed VSC to speed up their ground-breaking work in developing new materials, drugs and weather and climate research.

Allinea Forge will be central to our role in enabling faster research as its debugger and profiler are easy enough for users to understand important aspects such as what’s happening with memory resources and computation. This will help researchers to be more productive on a system which is already three times more powerful than the one it will be replacing. Altogether, this presents exciting potential for our current users to make research efficiency gains and to demonstrate the true potential of HPC in non-traditional fields such as social science, big data and industry.”

The NEC system is expected to go live in October 2016, replacing the previous Tier-1 system.

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