Video: DSSD Scalable High Performance FLASH Systems

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Jeff Bonwick, Founder, DSSD

Jeff Bonwick, Founder, DSSD

In this video from the 2016 MSST Conference, Jeff Bonwick from EMC DSSD presents: Scalable High Performance FLASH Systems.

“MSST 2016 features keynote speaker Jeff Bonwick, co-founder and CTO of DSSD, where he co-invented both the system hardware architecture and the Flood software stack. His talk will focus on extracting maximum performance from flash at scale. Jeff has a long history of developing at-scale storage starting with leading the team that developed the ZFS filesystem, which powers Oracle’s ZFS storage line as well as numerous startups including Nexenta, Delphix, Joyent, and Datto. Jeff is also the inventor of the slab allocator, which is used in every major operating system and has become part of the computer science curriculum at universities worldwide. His previous roles include Sun Fellow, Sun storage CTO, and Oracle VP. Jeff holds 62 issued patents in storage and operating system technology.”

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