Faster SAS Analytics Using DDN Storage Solutions

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ddnParallel file systems have become the norm for HPC environments. While typically used in high end simulations, these parallel file systems can greatly affect the performance and thus the customer experience when using analytics from leading organizations such as SAS. The whitepaper, “FASTER SAS ANALYTICS USING DDN® STORAGE SOLUTIONS” is an excellent summary of how parallel file systems can enhance the workflow and insight that SAS Analytics gives.

A parallel file system offers a number of advantages over traditional storage architectures.  When a DDN Parallel File Storage solution is used in conjunction with SAS Analytics, the advantages become apparent.

  1. Decrease in operational latency
  2. Separation of data and metadata
  3. Scalability of bandwidth and I/O
  4. Parallelization in a single namespace
  5. Consolidation of data silos

By using the DDN GRIDScaler parallel file system appliance on the SAS Grid, benchmarks demonstrated over 400 % improvement in end-to-end workflows, a 400 % higher throughput per core and a data footprint reduction of 50 %. With a faster infrastructure, modern applications such as SAS Analytics give users the ability to use more data without sacrificing performance. Scalability is critical to most organizations as everyone expects the data volumes to grow significantly in the future.

This whitepaper from DDN explains how the DDN parallel file systems work in conjunction with SAS Analytics to deliver leading edge performance in enterprises. It is an important read for anyone that is looking at high-end performant storage solutions that can scale over time.  Download the whitepaper.