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Internet2 Celebrates 20 Years by Recognizing Contributions to Research

internet2Internet2 celebrated their 20th anniversary this week at the 2016 Internet2 Global Summit in Chicago. As the operator of the nation’s largest and fastest, coast-to-coast research and education infrastructure, Internet2 recognized outstanding service and contributions to its community with set of awards.

2016 marks the 20th anniversary of the founding of Internet2 and the 2016 Global Summit is an opportune time to showcase the Internet2 community’s rich history and bright future—focused on the transformation of research and education in the next 20 years and beyond.

James D. Bruce

James D. Bruce

William (Brit) Kirwan Mentorship Award. The recipient of the 2016 William (Brit) Kirwan Mentorship Award is James D. Bruce. He is a consultant to academia and industry. From 1987 to 2003, Bruce was Vice President for Information Systems and Chief Information Officer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he is currently Professor of Electrical Engineering Emeritus. As CIO, he was responsible for directing the evolution, integration, and effective use of computing and communications resources throughout MIT in support of planning, management decision-making, education, research activities, and day-to-day operations.

Douglas S. Gale

Douglas S. Gale

Internet2 President’s Award. The recipient of the 2016 President’s Award is Douglas S. Gale, who passed away in October, 2015. “In retirement,” Gale founded the Internet Legacy Institute in 2010 to preserve and archive information and original source materials about the creation and evolution of the Internet. He served as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at two research universities (the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and George Washington University) and as a tenured faculty member in both Computer Science and Physics. During his career he authored over 80 publications. His career also included service as a Program Officer at the National Science Foundation where he received the Director’s Award for Program Officer Excellence for his work on the NSFNET initiative.

Internet2 is a member-owned advanced technology community founded by the nation’s leading higher education institutions in 1996. Internet2 provides a collaborative environment for U.S. research and education organizations to solve common technology challenges, and to develop innovative solutions in support of their educational, research and community service missions.

The 2016 Internet2 Global Summit wraps up May 18 at Loyola University.

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