New DDN Flashscale Array Delivers NVMe Performance for HPC

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flashscaleToday DataDirect Networks announced DDN Flashscale, a new family of all-flash scale-out and scale-up storage solutions, which delivers the highest performance and capacity in a cost-optimized and feature rich platform designed for Enterprise Big Data and Analytics, Web Scale Cloud, and HPC environments.

DDN Flashscale All Flash Array combines highest performance and capacity with lowest latency and cost for organizations looking to accelerate their workflows, compress time to business insight, or are simply considering flash for their environments,” said Alex Bouzari, DDN CEO and Co-founder. “With a feature rich hardware and software architecture optimized for read, write and mixed workload performance, and use cases such as Financial Services, Life Science and Genomics, Database and Analytics acceleration, Web/Cloud, Government and HPC, DDN Flashscale delivers a 5x performance increase over other flash arrays for as low as $1/GB.”

DDN Flashscale benefits include:

  • Highest Performance – Concurrently delivers extreme levels of IOPS (6 million) and throughput (60GB/s) in just 4U, with up to 60 million IOPS and 600 GB/s in a single rack
  • Highest Capacity – Leverages the latest NVMe and SAS or a mix of both SSDs in a high density hyperconverged, shared storage architecture (up to 576TB in 4U and 7.3 Petabytes in one rack)
  • Lowest Latency – Delivers latencies as low as 100μs for superfast embedded application speeds thanks to its specially designed internal PCIe Gen3 fabric
  • Best Cost – With a price point as low as $1/GB, and best of breed performance, capacity, latency and scale, Flashscale does not require any compromise on TCO
  • Ideal for Analytics and File Systems – Maximizes the performance of databases, SAS analytics, Hadoop, OpenStack and parallel file systems such as Lustre and IBM Spectrum Scale (GPFS)
  • Scale-up and Scale-out – Designed to optimally deliver price, performance, scale and capacity for Financial Services, Life Science, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Government, Web Scale, Analytics, Database and HPC environments


DDN Flashscale delivers an ultra-dense, high performance and low latency network attached shared flash storage solution for home directories, data analytics, databases and computational applications. DDN’s built-for-flash custom architecture unlocks the value of each SSD in the solution by aggregating the full performance of each device and delivering the performance over the low latency embedded PCIe Gen3 fabric to performance hungry applications. DDN Flashscale’s fast embedded PCIe fabric delivers full native performance and extreme low latency from 48 NVMe or 72 SAS or any mix of SSDs while offering cost optimized sub $1/GB all-flash storage up to 576TB, 6 Million IOPS and 60GB/s per 4U node.

  • Analytics, database acceleration, Hadoop environments
  • Banking, compliance, back testing and high frequency trading
  • Genomics sequencing, healthcare, drug discovery, pharmaceuticals
  • Manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, chip design
  • Cloud edge, web-scale environments
  • Fraud protection and detection, credit card validation
  • IOT / sensor generated data capture and analysis
  • Real-time data processing
  • Seismic processing, weather forecasting

The dramatic increase of data growth for Enterprise organizations, coupled with the fact that these organizations are increasingly looking to optimize IT solutions to deliver business competitive advantage is driving the need for massive-scale storage solutions. These systems must deliver performance exceeding traditional solutions to accelerate time to results, data analytics, and business insights and with greatly improved economics,” said Randy Kerns, a senior strategist and analyst, Evaluator Group. “DDN’s new Flashscale all-flash systems deliver these performance and economic advantages for Enterprise organizations. The Flashscale all-flash systems can address the next generation use case requirements for data-intensive custom applications and multi-step workflows. With the extreme performance and bandwidth in a 4U footprint, DDN has delivered Flashscale as an impressive solution for performance-intensive workloads and large scale data analytics.”

DDN Flashscale will be generally available in August 2016. End user purchase pricing begins as low as $1 per GB and $0.05 per IO.

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