Seagate Enterprise Performance 3.5 HDD Powers New Sugon TC4600T Server

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seagateToday Seagate Technology announced that Sugon will incorporate Seagate’s latest 4TB Enterprise Performance 3.5 HDD into its new TC4600T line of server products.

Seagate is committed to developing innovative products that enable our customers to deliver higher performance while minimizing total cost of ownership,” said John Morris, vice president of enterprise products at Seagate. “Seagate’s new Enterprise Performance 3.5 HDD, which Sugon is employing, focuses on the most optimal combination of data storage and data access capabilities while outperforming all existing 3.5-inch hard disk drives currently available on the market.”

Designed for large scale data centers, the Sugon TC4600T server is engineered for a wide range of demanding applications, including server storage area networks, and converged storage and object storage. With the increasing needs for high-definition photographs and long term scientific research, storage capacity is playing an increasingly critical role in these systems. The Seagate Enterprise Performance 3.5 HDD addresses these demands by delivering high performance in a large capacity, high velocity storage device to reliably support these expanding applications.

“Today object storage and hyper-converged storage are ushering in a new era of data-centric computing placing an increased demand for the scalable storage systems that feature both high performance and large capacity,” said Wang Zhengfu, COO at Sugon. “Seagate’s professional storage technologies complement Sugon’s strengths extremely well enhancing the overall performance of our solutions and helping our customers to improve their overall market competitiveness and business growth.”

Designed for 24×7 operations, the Enterprise Performance 3.5 HDD is the industry’s highest-performing 4TB hard drive accelerating capabilities for data ingest and analytics at a blazingly-fast streaming data rate of over 300 MB/s. Featuring the fastest data transmission at the best cost-performance ratio available, it is ideally suited for HPC, big data analytics, and scale-out storage scenarios. The drive fulfills applications in a broad range of sectors including education, scientific research, cloud computing and government.

This HDD includes the latest generation 12Gb/s SAS interface for future system scalability. It also has a 2M hour MTBF rating, 750 TB/year workload rate limit for superior reliability providing the best performance in the toughest environments. In contrast with traditional Nearline hard drives, the drive also provides superior sequential and random read and write performance.

Both companies held a joint press conference at InterContinental Beichen Hotel Beijing on May 13, showcasing the all new Sugon TC4600T datacenter solution and a wide range of Seagate enterprise storage products including the 4TB Enterprise Performance 3.5 HDD. Ms. Sandy Sun and Mr. Wang Zhengfu attended the event and shared their latest achievements with the participants. Based on its ongoing partnership with Seagate, Sugon is also implementing Seagate enterprise storage solutions in its server lines, including the Enterprise Performance 10K and 15K HDD and 8TB Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD.

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