Submissions Open for Newly Merged TOP500 and Green500

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top500Today the ISC Group announced that the Green500 will be integrated with the TOP500 project with a single submission process. Designed to streamline all future submissions based on joint power submission rules, the integration follows nearly a decade of collaboration and several years of discussions between the two projects as well as with the Energy-Efficient High-Performance Computing (EE HPC) Working Group.

This merge is of great significance to the high performance computing community,” said Erich Strohmaier, co-founder of TOP500. “Both projects will now be maintained under a common set of rules for data submission, which will simplify the process for submitters and provide a consistent set of data for the historical record.”

The TOP500 and Green500 lists will continue to remain separate, but all submission data will now be collected via a single online portal at Submission instructions are to be found on both the TOP500 and Green500 sites. The joint power submission rules are now online.

Going forward, the ISC Group will host and maintain the web presence of Green500, which is currently undergoing a re-design to reflect the integration. The new site will be officially launched at the ISC High Performance conference in Frankfurt, Germany this June. The 47th TOP500 list, and the 19th Green500 list, will be presented in a historical ceremony during this year’s conference opening session.

The Green500 team, led by project co-founder Dr. Wu-chun Feng, will remain active in evaluating and approving the power data from submissions. “With power clearly being a first-order design constraint on par with performance, it is important to establish consistent and rigorous power measurement methodologies for the HPC community,” says Wu Feng. “This integration not only seeks to create a unified portal for the reporting of power of supercomputers, but it also seeks to establish common measurement methodologies, as put forth by the Energy-Efficient HPC Working Group in collaboration with the Green500 and TOP500.”

The next iteration of the TOP500 & Green500 will be released at ISC 2016, which takes place June 19-23 in Frankfurt. Register by May 11 to enjoy Early Bird registration rates.

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