Univa Manages Enterprise Container Workloads on Kubernetes Distros

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navopsToday Univa announced Navops Command, a ground breaking software suite that implements sophisticated workload placement and advanced policy management for enterprises to take full advantage of containers on any Kubernetes distribution.

Running a containerized environment in production at scale requires a significant commitment from the enterprise,” said Bob Wise, Chief Technologist Cloud Infrastructure, at Samsung CNCT. “In an environment with constrained resources, workload policies and quotas are some of the important challenges large enterprise will face. Univa is working hard to bridge the gap from traditional IT requirements to the new world of container management, and we watch their products with great interest.”

In addition, Navops provides the unique ability to better maximize utilization of shared resources and manage service applications running at scale. Navops Command’s ability to run on any Kubernetes distribution means that customers can choose to work with any number of vendors participating in the CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation), like RedHat’s OpenShift, Navops Launch or CoreOS’s Tectonic, and still get the benefit of Command’s advanced policy management.

“We are excited to see enterprise software vendors like Univa bring their expertise in high-scale deployments to the Kubernetes ecosystem,” said David Aronchick, Senior Product Manager, of Kubernetes. “Kubernetes is designed to be a pluggable, customizable platform and Univa has enabled enterprises to use Navops Command and make it possible to use Kubernetes to do advanced workload policy management.”

Key capabilities include:

  • Advanced scheduling algorithms
  • Sophisticated policies for managing SLAs
  • Automate prioritization when resources become scarce
  • Manage cluster resources efficiently
  • Works with any Kubernetes distribution

Deploying and running container-based applications in complex, brownfield environments yields many complexities and challenges,” said Rob Lalonde, Vice President and General Manager of Navops. “Navops Command allows for enterprise-grade container placement based on real-world, complex use cases by leveraging advanced policy management, allowing business to optimize resource utilization at scale.”

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