Video: Versity HSM – Archiving to Objects

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Harriet Coverston, Founder & CTO, Versity

Harriet Coverston, Founder & CTO, Versity

In this video from the 2016 MSST Conference, Harriet Coverston from Versity presents: Versity – Archiving to Objects.

“Introducing Versity Storage Manager – an enterprise-class storage virtualization and archiving system that runs on Linux. Offering comprehensive data management for tiered storage environments and the ability to preserve and protect your data forever. Maximum protection at a minimum cost. Versity supports nearly unlimited volumes of storage and offers the most robust archive policy engine on the market. With no user lock-in or up front license fees, Versity gives you the freedom to control your own destiny. You configure data management policies to create a system tailored to your needs. And Versity guarantees those configurations will work automatically, with minimal management burden.”

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