Women in HPC to Host Events at ISC 2016

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women in hpcThe Women in HPC organization will host a Workshop and a BoF at ISC 2016 in Frankfurt

Once again we will bring together women from across the international HPC community, providing opportunities to network, showcasing the work of inspiring women and discussing how we can all work towards to improving the under-representation of women in supercomputing.

  • Workshop: Fourth international Women in High Performance Computing (WHPC) workshopThis workshop will bring together employers and employees from the international HPC community to discuss methods we can all use to improve diversity; from modifying the way we recruit women to small changes that improve retention of female staff in the HPC workforce. Key themes for the workshop include: Career development to give all women in HPC the feeling they belong in the community, and providing concrete steps that employers can take to improve diversity and retain female staff in the HPC workforce.
  • BoF: Addressing the gender gap in the communityThe ISC 2016 Women in High Performance Computing BOF will once again bring together the HPC community to discuss the growing importance of increasing diversity in the workplace. The BoF will focus on how employers can improve diversity with discussion by employers on successful strategies implemented by employers to improve diversity and how unconscious or implicit bias can impact hiring and promotion.

Early Bird registration rates for ISC 2016 end on May 11. Register now.

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