Allinea Programming Releases Tools for Intel Xeon Phi Processor

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Mark O'Connor demonstrates Allinea Software

Mark O’Connor demonstrates Allinea Software

Today Allinea released Version 6.1 of its tool suite for HPC code developers and users at the ISC16 Exhibition, providing full support for the latest Intel Xeon Phi processor, formerly codenamed “Knights Landing.”

Our latest product enhancements will solidify our customers’ investment in the next generation Intel Xeon Phi processor,” said Mark O’Connor, VP Product Management at Allinea. “Knights Landing’ has the potential to unleash new capabilities for HPC code users and our new release brings a powerful debugger, profiler and performance reports for tackling the essential preparatory work needed to optimize legacy code and realize the processor’s true potential for reducing software run times.”

O’Connor continues: “We are also working to educate customers around the benefits of code vectorization using Allinea Forge and Performance Reports. Vectorization can bring a 4x performance boost to code performance on Intel Xeon Phi processor-based systems by applying simple techniques at the right place and making use of Intel’s wide vector operations such the AVX and AVX512 instruction sets.”

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