ASRock Rack Adds Intel Xeon Phi Processor to Server Lineup

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asrockToday at ISC 2016ASRock Rack has rolled out a new 2U server based on the brand new Intel Xeon Phi processor.

The 2U4N-F/X200 from ASrock Rack has four computing nodes in 2U form factor. Using 14nm technology, its Intel Xeon Phi X200 processor has 72 cores. With the ability integrate with fabrics based on Omni-path architecture, the server delivers high bandwidth for maximal scalability.

“The 2U4N-F/X200 server is equipped with 6 of DDR4 DIMM slots per node, 2 of PCIe3.0 x8 slots and 2 of 10G LAN ports. To top it off, it goes with NVMe SSD to accelerate more of the data transfer. Since the performance is highly enhanced, each node of 2U4N-F/X200 achieves more than 3 TFLOPs. For various applications such as big data analysis, machine learning, scientific purposes, visualization, and rendering machine, 2U4N-F/X200 is able to implement. While the world is meant to go parallel, 2U4N-F/X200 is going to benefit more and more HPC users in the foreseeable future.”

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