DDN Launches ES14K Storage Appliance with Intel Lustre for the Enterprise

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es14kToday DDN unveiled its new high-end Lustre storage appliance that accelerates performance by 4x with 2x higher density. Built on Intel Enterprise Edition for Lustre, the DDN ES14K delivers a high-performing, high-density appliance for the HPC market.

With more than a decade of experience in designing, installing and supporting Lustre-based storage, DDN is the most experienced Lustre provider and has worked closely with us over many years to design optimized Lustre-based storage systems. DDN’s latest ES14K offering delivers a high-performing, high density appliance for the HPC market built on Intel Enterprise Edition for Lustre,” said Brent Gorda, GM of Intel’s High Performance Data Division. “Lustre has strong and accelerating momentum in the market and is being widely adopted in the high performance technical computing arena by national labs and universities, as well as traditional industries like research, oil and gas, manufacturing, and financial services. Intel is delighted to see DDN expand its Lustre offering with the new ES14K appliance, and we look forward to continuing our strong collaboration to deliver advanced, performance-driven technologies and solutions to customers worldwide.”

Benefits of the new ES14K include:

  • Highest Performance – 4x faster than all other Lustre solutions on the market, providing up to ½ TB/second throughput in a single rack;
  • Lowest Latency – Delivers latencies as low as 100μs for superfast embedded file system and metadata speeds thanks to its specially designed internal PCIe Gen3 fabric;
  • Most Efficient Scalability – Provides up to 2x more capacity per rack than competitive alternatives, delivering 7+PB in a single rack and scaling to 14+PB in a single appliance;
  • Designed for Flash – All SSD configurations to deliver industry-leading storage IOPS, throughput and metadata performance. Leverage hybrid options to drive down the cost/GB while maintaining the performance of a flash tier;
  • Most Experienced Lustre Provider on the Globe – DDN brings over 10 years of Lustre development, deployment, optimization and support expertise to deliver high reliability, ease of deployment and optimal solution performance to the most demanding scale and performance environments around the world;
  • Exascale Ready – HPC architectures are now depending on the innovation leadership of DDN, which combines DDN’s Exascale-ready ES14K and DDN’s IME application acceleration and burst buffer, to deliver the world’s only complete solution for performance-optimized cache and cost-optimized storage that aligns with Exascale initiatives and budget.
  • Leveraging Lustre 2.7* pre-installed and fully optimized for DDN’s high-density storage appliances, ES14K delivers 4x the performance and up to 2x higher density than competitive offerings and offers robust management and monitoring interfaces, HPC-level performance that optimizes both mixed and parallel IO performance, and complete DDN/Intel integrated support.

Leveraging DDN’s proven performance leadership, the EXAScaler family offers the perfect balance of open source software coupled with tight performance hardware integration to deliver the best cost/performance in the industry. IO path optimization at every level in the EXAScaler architecture ensures consistent high performance for bandwidth-intensive, IOPs-intensive and mixed IO workflows, and minimizes the performance impact of adverse conditions like drive failures. Developed to overcome the toughest storage and data management challenges, the ES14K was designed from the bottom up to accommodate the rapid deployment of new technologies like Omni-Path, 100 Gb/E, faster processors, new SSDs and burst buffer integration.

Leading high-performance computing organizations depend on DDN and Intel Lustre’s cutting-edge solutions to solve some of today’s toughest data-intensive storage challenges, including the University of Tokyo, The First Institute of Oceanography, SOA, CEA and TACC.

The new ES14K is generally available today and will be showcased at ISC 2016 booth #1010, in Frankfurt.

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