Video: Extreme-Scale Multigrid Components within PETSc

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sananIn this video from the PASC16 conference, Patrick Sanan from USi Lugano & ETC Zurich presents: Extreme-Scale Multigrid Components within PETSc.

“Elliptic partial differential equations (PDEs) frequently arise in continuum descriptions of physical processes relevant to science and engineering. Multilevel preconditioners represent a family of scalable techniques for solving discrete PDEs of this type and thus are the method of choice for highresolution simulations. The scalability and time-to-solution of massively parallel multilevel preconditioners can be adversely affected by using a coarse-level solver with sub-optimal algorithmic complexity. To maintain scalability, agglomeration techniques applied to the coarse level have been shown to be necessary. In this work, we present a new software component introduced within the Portable Extensible Toolkit for Scientific computation (PETSc) which permits agglomeration. We provide an overview of the design and implementation of this functionality, together with several use cases highlighting the benefits of agglomeration. Lastly, we demonstrate via numerical experiments employing geometric multigrid with structured meshes, the flexibility and performance gains possible using our MPI-rank agglomeration implementation.”

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