Intel Xeon Phi Developer Access Platform at ISC 2016

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screenIn this video from ISC 2016, Kirti Devi from Intel describes the new Intel Developer Platform for the Intel Xeon Phi processor.

“With the release of a Developer Access Program for the Intel® Xeon Phi™ Processor codenamed Knights Landing (KNL), Intel and its partner Colfax are widening early levels of access, support and training for the widely anticipated next-generation Intel Xeon Phi processor release. The Developer Access Program gives developers the opportunity to begin leveraging key new capabilities in the processor before they are generally available. That means developers will have time to work to parallelize and vectorize their code and look for opportunities to exploit the massive performance capabilities that KNL offers so workloads are ready for prime time when customers deploy their next-generation systems. The time and productivity gains of early access could prove invaluable for labs, institutions and companies looking for incremental performance and efficiency gains. In addition to early access, training and support are also critical to developer ramp up time and code readiness. Colfax is tackling this issue with training, including webinars and a hands-on workshop series.”

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