NVIDIA Inception Program Offers Tools for Deep Learning

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inceptionToday NVIDIA unveiled a comprehensive global program to support the innovation and growth of startups that are driving new breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and data science.

The NVIDIA Inception Program provides unique tools, resources and opportunities to the waves of entrepreneurs starting new companies, so they can develop products and services with a first-mover advantage.

“Startups worldwide are taking advantage of deep learning for its superhuman speed and accuracy in applications like radiology, fraud detection and self-driving cars,” said Kimberly Powell, senior director of Industry Business Development at NVIDIA. “We’re committed to helping the world’s most innovative companies break new ground with AI and revolutionize every industry.”

The Inception Program provides innovative startups with key support to help grow their businesses and bring revolutionary products to market faster.

Benefits include access to:

Organizations interested in joining the NVIDIA Inception Program can learn more and apply on the NVIDIA website.

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