SGI Sets New SPEC OMP World Record with Intel Xeon E7 V4

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Xeon-E7v4Over at SGI, Gabriel Broner writes that the company’s big memory SGI UV 300 and SGI UV 30EX servers are now available with the Intel Xeon processor E7-8800 v4 and E7-4800 v4 product families. Using the new processors enabled SGI to again set new overall world records with results of 80.1 for SPECompG_base2012, and 84.2 for SPECompG_peak2012.

The SGI UV 300 scales from 4 to 64 CPU sockets and up to 64TB of cache-coherent shared memory in a single system. Enabling such powerful in-memory computing capability is the 7th generation SGI NUMAlink ASIC technology providing extreme bandwidth and ultra-low latency network interconnects. Equipped with an integrated MPI Offload Engine, the UV 300 can also be leveraged for distributed applications and as a “super node” for clustered high performance computing systems. Designed for smaller data-intensive environments, the SGI UV 30EX is a 5U, 4-socket server now providing up to 6TB of in-memory computing power. It too is equipped with an MPI Offload engine and can be upgraded to the scalable UV 300 if future needs change.

The new Intel Xeon processor E7 v4 product family is built on Intel’s 14nm process technology and offers more cores (up to 22 per socket), more last-level cache (from 45 to 60MB), and delivers more performance for our customers. With new and enhanced features, the Intel Xeon processor E7 product family enables SGI to extend its performance leadership in production supercomputing.

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