SUSE Powers OpenHPC at ISC 2016

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openhpc2In this video from ISC 2016, Jeff Reser describes how SUSE is working with the OpenHPC Community to speed the deployment of high performance computing systems.

“OpenHPC seeks to ignite that spark and take HPC to the next level through the power of open source collaboration. By creating a opensource software stack that is both powerful enough for the next generation of HPC and standardized enough for rapid use and adoption, vendors and researchers can focus on applying the power of HPC rather than constantly duplicating the same efforts to build HPC infrastructure. For anyone involved in HPC, you already know how resource and time intensive these efforts can be – you can spend months or even years just building infrastructure that is likely outdated by the time you’re ready to move to production use. With the OpenHPC stack, you can leap forward with a validated, tested and secure infrastructure software stack and get to product in a fraction of the time. This new approach will drive rapid advances in the state of the art and accelerate our progress towards true exascale computing.”

SUSE, as a founder and board member of OpenHPC, contributes not just to the Linux OS elements of the project but also to the underlying HPC system building componentry and system tools that can bridge today’s infrastructure development gaps and help move vendors and researchers rapidly towards powerful HPC solution stacks.

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