Video: Nvidia’s Peter Messmer on Co-Design at PASC16

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messmerIn this video from PASC16, Peter Messmer from Nvidia gives his perspectives on the conference and his work on co-design for high performance computing.

“At the Nvidia CoDesign Lab for Hybrid Multicore Computing at ETH Zurich, Peter Messmer and his team collaboratively explore novel hybrid computing architectures and programming environments to provide maximum benefit to the scientific computing community. Reaching the next performance milestones under realistic economic constraints will require a significant shift in hardware architecture and scientific programming practice. Using a combination of specialized rather than one type fits all processing elements offers the advantage of providing the most economical hardware for each task in a complex application. In order to produce optimal codes for such heterogeneous systems, application developers will need to design algorithms with the architectural options in mind. On the other hand, hardware developers and system integrators will have to rely on input from application developers, in order to determine the optimal design for their systems to support a wide range of applications.”

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