NERSC to Host Data Day on August 22

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NERSClogocolorToday NERSC announced plans to host a new, data-centric event called Data Day. The main event will take place on August 22, followed by a half-day hackathon on August 23. The goal: to bring together researchers who use, or are interested in using, NERSC systems for data-intensive work.

On August 22, a full day of talks and tutorials will get you up and running with the latest data-focused tools for scientific computing. Training sessions on machine learning, Python, Spark, the Cori Burst Buffer, and science gateways will be complemented by presentations from scientists already taking advantage of these tools in their own research. A poster session will highlight work and work-in-progress that uses NERSC resources for experimental and observational science. Stick around for the hack day, and you’ll get a chance to put your new knowledge to work creating a custom workflow. We’ll start off the half-day hackathon with an introduction to building workflows with Python and Spark, then provide local experts to help you get coding. The entire event will be held on site in Wang Hall, NERSC’s new landmark building at Berkeley Lab. Come and learn how to power up your data.

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