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Cloud computing is growing and replacing many data centers for High Performance Computing (HPC) applications.  However, the movement towards using a cloud infrastructure is not without challenges. This whitepaper discusses many of the challenges in moving from an on-premise HPC solution to using an HPC Cloud Solution.

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Common  HPC challenges that organizations need to perform include:

  • Identifying current issues – this would include data management, data center limitations and technology shifts.
  • Describe cost savings, scaling and new features and functionality for users
  • Characterize the barriers of moving to a cloud HPC environment
Download this paper from the insideHPC Whiite Paper Library.

Download this paper from the insideHPC White Paper Library.

HPC creates unique challenges in a cloud environment. More data is being generated than ever before, which requires a new approach to data management.  The data center itself is becoming costly to operate at such high scale, including the physical requirements of scaling out. Users are expecting a simple environment when developing or using HPC applications. Technology continues to evolve, which requires additional testing, which may interfere with existing and limited technical resources.

Cloud HPC has the potential to solve these challenges, and provide users the access to virtually unlimited computing resources. This means that applications can perform faster, with more accuracy, giving end users more than using their own data center might be able to provide.  Using an HPC Cloud service should be used as part of an overall HPC and Big Data computational approach. When implementing a cloud HPC computing environment, users will be able to shorten queue times and scale the application. System architects will be able to adjust the resources required based on workloads and focus on application performance. Overall, the organization can reduce costs by only paying for what they consume and respond to changing workflows and business dynamics.

This whitepaper discusses many of the challenges that organizations will encounter when moving from the data center to the cloud for HPC workflows. It is an excellent summary for orchestrating the move from the data center to the cloud. Download this whitepaper to learn more about how users and IT administrators can benefit by using the cloud for HPC applications. Download it now.