Video: DEEP-ER Project Moves Europe Closer to Exascale

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estelaIn this video from ISC 2016, Estela Suarez from the Jülich Supercomputing Centre provides an update on the DEEP-ER project, which is paving the way towards Exascale computing.

“In the predecessor DEEP project, an innovative architecture for heterogeneous HPC systems has been developed based on the combination of a standard HPC Cluster and a tightly connected HPC Booster built of many- core processors. DEEP-ER now evolves this architecture to address two significant Exascale computing challenges: highly scalable and efficient parallel I/O and system resiliency. Co-Design is key to tackle these challenges – through thoroughly integrated development of new hardware and software components, fine-tuned with actual HPC applications in mind. In terms of hardware, a prototype is constructed that leverages advances in hardware components, employs a unified network, and integrates new storage technologies. Creating a hardware architecture that is utterly flexible and hence allows for easily upgrading or implementing entirely new technologies is the ultimate goal of this part of the project.”

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