Video: Profiling Genome Pipeline I/O with DDN and the Sanger Institute

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Rosemary Francis, CEO of Ellexus

Dr. Rosemary Francis, CEO of Ellexus

In this video from the DDN User Group from ISC 2016, Dr. Rosemary Francis from Ellexus presents: Profiling Genome Pipeline I/O with DDN and the Sanger Institute.

“The data that I presented from the Sanger Institute is typical of the profiles that we come across: a mix of good streaming IO (ie the larger reads), but unexpectedly high numbers of small reads and writes. These small reads and writes are potentially harmful to the file system. We’ve profiled HPC applications in various different life sciences organizations, not just the Sanger Institute, and we’ve found these IO patterns throughout. We’ve also seen similar IO patterns in EDA and oil and gas applications.”

Ellexus makes tools to solve the problems that arise when deploying and tuning Linux applications. Our software carries out dependency analysis and IO profiling to help IT managers and engineers ensure their applications are using a high performance computing cluster as it should. Our product suite Breeze is used by organizations engaged in high performance computing around the world, such as the global semiconductor industry and genome-bioinformatics sectors.

Dr. Rosemary Francis founded Ellexus in 2010 after leaving the semiconductor design industry. Having worked for companies such as CSR and Intel, she decided to set up her own company, making it easier to install and manage CAD tools in the high-performance computing industry. Her PhD in Computer Architecture means that she understands many of the challenges faced by academia as well as in industry. Although mainly concerned with the day-to-day running of the business, she continues to keep her hand in on the technical side.

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