Cavium Rolls Out ThunderX Servers with GIGABYTE Technology

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CaviumToday GIGABYTE Technology and Cavium announced a new set of servers built on the industry-leading ThunderX family of workload-optimized ARM server SoCs. According to Cavium, the collaboration brings the world’s most powerful 64-bit ARM-based servers to market to address increasingly demanding application and workload requirements.

The momentum for ARM-based servers is building and the new range of server products from GIGABYTE and Cavium enhances choice for companies seeking to match compute needs with the most energy and cost-effective solutions,” said Lakshmi Mandyam, senior marketing director of server program, ARM. “It is excellent to see ARM partners at the heart of driving innovative solutions that are delivering to the rigorous demands of cloud data center application and workload diversity.”

The server launch comes on the heels of news that ARM is being acquired by Softbank investment group in Japan. At a joint event in Shanghai, GIGABYTE and Cavium officially announced the release of a range of 14 server SKUs – the results of co-operation based on the Cavium ThunderX platform, utilizing GIGABYTE’s almost 20 years of experience in the server industry. With these products, the partnership has produced a compelling, high performance alternative to the incumbent solutions in the market. GIGABYTE and Cavium had the honor of inviting ecosystem partners – ARM, Innodisk, Linaro, Qlogic, Red Hat, and Suse – all of which have committed resource to bringing ARM-based servers to the mainstream enterprise market – as guest speakers at the event. GIGABYTE and Cavium are working with these stakeholders to bring higher performance-per-dollar to the server market and open up a range of potential new applications.

This solution targets high performance volume servers deployed by Public/Private Cloud and Telco data centers. It is optimized for key Data Center workloads including compute, security, storage, and distributed databases. GIGABYTE ThunderX servers deliver comparable performance at a more compelling TCO than traditional x86 server systems.

Key GIGABYTE ThunderX Server Features:

  • Adoption of the first dual-socket ARM SoC architecture that scales up to 48 cores per processor with up to 2.0 GHz core frequency
  • The highest integrated I/O capability with up to 160Gb of I/O bandwidth
  • Four DDR4 72 bit memory controllers capable of supporting up to 1TB of memory in a dual socket configuration at 2133MHz
  • Best in class performance per watt and performance per dollar for storage and compute applications
  • A comprehensive range of designs, from cost-focused entry level solutions to high density storage and compute focused platforms

GIGABYTE has developed and is already shipping a range of Cavium ThunderX-based server products to customers in US, Europe and Asia,” said Andy Chen, AVP, Network and Communications Business Unit, GIGABYTE. “Our comprehensive portfolio of ThunderX-based systems is available for order and a number of customers have already received production units. We are seeing strong demand for these ARM-based platforms – especially from cloud service providers.”

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