Video: HPE Enhances Software Stack for High Performance Computing

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Dave Sundstrom, HPC Software Products & Strategy, HPE

Dave Sundstrom, HPC Software Products & Strategy, at Hewlett Packard Enterprise

In this video from ISC 2016, Dave Sundstrom from Hewlett Packard Enterprise describes the newly enhanced HPE Software Stack for High Performance Computing.

“The HPE Core HPC Software Stack is a complete software set for the creation, optimization, and running of HPC applications. It includes development tools, runtime libraries, a workload scheduler, and cluster management, integrated and validated by Hewlett Packard Enterprise into a single software set. Core HPC Stack uses the included HPC Cluster Setup Tool to simplify and speed the installation of an HPC cluster built with HPE servers. The included HPE Cluster Test Lite software validates the cluster to ensure that all components are correctly installed and functioning. Insight Cluster Management Utility (CMU) provides full control over system provisioning, complete system monitoring, and extensive management capabilities, from a single sever through the entire cluster, with powerful CLI and GUI tools.”

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