Inria Joins OpenMP ARB

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openmpInria has joined the OpenMP ARB, a group of leading hardware and software vendors and research organizations creating the standard for the most popular shared-memory parallel programming model in use today.

Inria teams have been developing runtime systems and compiler techniques for parallel programming over several decades.” says Olivier Aumage, researcher at Inria’s team STORM, “By joining the OpenMP ARB today, Inria looks forward to contribute this expertise in making OpenMP meet the challenges of the Exascale era”.

INRIAInria, the French National Institute for computer science and applied mathematics, promotes “scientific excellence for technology transfer and society”. Graduates from the world’s top universities, Inria’s 2,600 employees rise to the challenges of digital sciences. With its open, agile model, Inria is able to explore original approaches with its partners in industry and academia and provide an efficient response to the multidisciplinary and application challenges of the digital transformation. Inria is the source of many innovations that add value and create jobs.

“We welcome the addition of Inria to the OpenMP family”, says Michael Klemm, OpenMP ARB CEO, “Their history of innovation and inventiveness will benefit the evolution of OpenMP.”

The OpenMP Architecture Review Board (ARB) has as mission to standardize directive-based multi-language high-level parallelism that is performant, productive and portable. Jointly defined by a group of major computer hardware and software vendors, the OpenMP API is a portable, scalable model that gives parallel programmers a simple and flexible interface for developing parallel applications for platforms ranging from embedded systems and accelerator devices to multicore systems and shared-memory systems. The OpenMP ARB owns the OpenMP brand, oversees the OpenMP specification and produces and approves new versions of the specification.

The OpenMP ARB now has 13 permanent members and 15 auxiliary members. Permanent members are vendors who have a long-term interest in creating products for OpenMP. Auxiliary members are organizations with an interest in the standard but that do not create or sell OpenMP products.

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