Podcast: Intel Scalable System Framework Moves HPC Forward at the System Level

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Charles Wuischpard VP of the Data Center Group and GM of HPC Platform Group at Intel

Charles Wuischpard, VP & GM of the HPC Platform Group at Intel

In this Intel Chip Chat podcast, Alyson Klein and Charlie Wuischpard describe Intel’s investment to break down walls to HPC adoption and move innovation forward by thinking at a system level.

“Charlie discusses the announcement of the Intel Xeon Phi processor, which is a foundational element of Intel Scalable System Framework (Intel SSF), as well as Intel Omni-Path Fabric. Charlie also explains that these enhancements will make supercomputing faster, more reliable, and increase efficient power consumption; Intel has achieved this by combining the capabilities of various technologies and optimizing ways for them to work together.”

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