Video: Megware Direct Liquid Cooling at ISC 2016

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megwareIn this video from ISC 2016, Thomas Blum from Germany’s Megware describes the company’s innovative hot water cooling system. The Slide SX-LC system is cooled by 50 degree celsius water on the input side with an output water temperature of 80 degrees celsius.

“The modular MEGWARE server housing SlideSX has been developed for the vertical installation of up to ten compute or five GPU node housings in five 19” rack units. This high packing density enables the installation of up to 80 compute nodes or 40 GPU nodes in a 42 RU cabinet. The housing is based on compatible, hot plug-compliant components, whereby individual node slots or power supply units can be autonomously removed from the overall housing and maintained. To achieve an efficient PSU load, we offer freely selectable configurations with 3+1 or 4+1 redundancies. The 19” chassis also comes with a dedicated management interface, which enables you to read system parameters and manage the integrated slots. The housings can be equipped with a cooling infrastructure, also developed in-house. Thanks to top-quality copper piping, the latest compute platform SlideSX-LC enables the direct transfer of heat from central system components such as the CPU, main memory, or chipset. Due to its individual components, the server housing is perfect for continuous operation in data centers, and thereby makes for high availability of the compute resources.”

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