SC16 Best Paper Finalist Looks at Mont-Blanc Project

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paperNow that ARM has been acquired, the big question is how much the Softbank investment firm will invest in bolstering their chips for HPC. Meanwhile, ARM continues to gain traction as evidenced by
today’s announcement that a paper on the ARM-based Mont-Blanc Project has been selected as a Best Paper Finalist for SC16.

Entitled “The Mont-Blanc prototype: An Alternative Approach for HPC Systems,” the paper was written by Nikola Rajovic, a BSC researcher involved in the Mont-Blanc project since its beginnings.

In this video Nikola Rajovic describes his paper on the Mont-Blanc proect, which has been selected as Best Paper Finalist for SC16.

“The paper presents the Mont-Blanc prototype as the first HPC system built with commodity SoCs, memories, and NICs from the embedded and mobile domain, and off the-shelf HPC networking, storage, cooling and integration solutions. This paper summarizes its system’s architecture, and evaluation including both performance and energy efficiency. Further, a comparison between the system’s abilities against a production level supercomputer is also included. The paper concludes with parallel scalability and an estimation of the maximum scalability point of this approach across a set of applications.”

All best paper candidates of SC16 conference will be part of the SC16 conference program. The winners will be announced at an award ceremony on Nov. 17.

SC16 takes place Nov. 13-18 in Salt Lake City.

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