PBS Pro from Altair Goes Open Source at ISC 2016

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billIn this video from ISC 2016, Bill Nitzberg provides an update on Alair’s release of source code for PBS Professional Workload Manager.

“Altair is making a big investment toward uniting the whole HPC community to accelerate the state of the art (and the state of actual production operations) for HPC scheduling. We are dual-licensing PBS Professional, both open source and commercial. We are opening the full core of the software, not just a weak subset or older version. We are continuing to offer a hardened, commercial version for commercial customers. We are committing to being aggressively open and community oriented. We are adding staff and reorganizing our engineering organization to behave as one of (hopefully) many contributors to the project. We are using community-accepted best practices (e.g., Github, JIRA, open discussions for new features). We are joining the OpenHPC project with PBS Pro. And, we are focused on longevity – creating a viable, sustainable community to focus on job scheduling software that can truly bridge the gap in the HPC world.”

At ISC 2016, Altair also announced the PBS Simulator and PBS Cloud Manager.

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