Successful Implementations That Demand Flexible HPC

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This is the fifth article in a series taken from the  insideHPC Guide to Flexible HPC.

Organizations that implement high-performance computing (HPC) technologies have a wide range of requirements. From small manufacturing suppliers to national research institutions, using significant computing technologies is critical to creating innovative products and leading-edge research. No two HPC installations are the same.

For maximum return, budget, software requirements, performance and customization all must be considered before installing and operating a successful environment.

Requirements in HPC Environments

Organizations that require HPC technologies will have a wide range of requirements, depending on their workloads. While some applications can run hundreds or even thousands of cores, other applications cannot take advantage of more than one core.

Successful Implementations

A successful implementation at customer sites requires that the supplier does more than deliver a defined set of hardware. Suppliers must be able to understand the needs of the customer, even when these needs are unique.


As discussed previously, customers may require a range of servers and storage solutions. TYAN has a wide range of products that can fit anyone’s needs, whether the environment requires single-, dual- or quad-socket servers.


CPU, memory and storage suppliers continuously improve their products and offerings. It is critical to customers that their server vendor keeps pace with the latest offerings and incorporates these new and faster products quickly into their product line. TYAN accomplishes this by having superb relationships with its suppliers.


For some customers, the ability for the supplier to customize offerings for specific environments or workloads can be critical to a successful implementation. Technically TYAN can customize BIOS, management firmware, enclosure look and feel, even board-level functions per requirement. However, the final scope of customization depends on project schedule and budget. TYAN specializes in working with customers on all aspects of the implementation phase to ensure that the systems and the clusters are working optimally.


In addition to supplying the latest hardware systems to customers, TYAN is a leader in developing optimized servers for organizations that are creating a cloud infrastructure. These systems are designed for very high performance with low power requirements and can act as a dedicated server for a specific application or as a larger system to run different applications simultaneously.


TYAN has developed a reputation over the past 25 years for delivering state-of-the-art servers and board-level products that deliver exceptional performance. Using the Intel Xeon processors and the Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors, TYAN has been able to create a wide range of products that can be customized and delivered directly to the customer. With many years of experience and the best technology that is available today, TYAN responds to the most demanding requirements for HPC customers. For organizations that need the latest in technology and a strong and able supplier, TYAN works with customers to accomplish this.

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If you prefer you can download the complete insideHPC Guide to Flexible HPC, courtesy of TyanClick Here.