Video: 5-Minute Hadoop Cluster Setup using Bright Cluster Manager

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bright-cluster-manager-standardHadoop has a reputation for being extremely difficult to install and configure, but that seems to be changing. In this video, Bright Cluster Manager for Big Data is used to install Cloudera 5.3.1 with YARN failover in just five minutes.

“Bright Cluster Manager for Big Data lets you administer clusters as a single entity, provisioning the hardware, operating system, and big data software from a single interface. This makes it easier to build a reliable, clustered big data infrastructure. Once your cluster is up and running, the Bright cluster management daemon keeps an eye on virtually every aspect of every node, and reports any problems it detects in the software or the hardware so that you can take action and keep your infrastructure healthy. The intuitive Bright management interface makes it easy to see and take action on any issue impacting big data cluster performance.”

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