Women in HPC Keynote: Evidence-based Advice on Diversifying the HPC Community

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toniIn this video from the Women in HPC Workshop at ISC 2016, Toni Collis from EPCC at the University of Edinburgh and Lorna Rivera from I-STEM at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign present: Methods that work – Evidence-based Advice on Diversifying the HPC Community.

“The fourth international Women in High Performance Computing (WHPC) workshop, held at ISC 2016, Frankfurt, Germany will once again bring together the HPC community to discuss the growing importance of increasing diversity in the workplace. This workshop aims to recognize and discuss the challenges faced by women, one of many underrepresented groups that exist in HPC, as well as opportunities for broadening participation in HPC fields and activities to encourage women to enter the field with consideration of differing legislation affecting hiring and employment practices among the different countries. A keynote address and panel discussion will focus on strategies implemented by employers to diversify the HPC workforce and discuss the efficacy of the approaches. The workshop will encourage audience participation with the use of breakout sessions and will produce a whitepaper outlining the discussions, the best practices available, quantifying their value and benefit to the HPC community and employer where possible, and create guidelines that are useful throughout the international community. We hope that these outcomes will also be of benefit when considering improving diversity amongst other underrepresented groups.”

“We are excited to add another dimension to the workshop that will focus on the continued success of the WHPC international workshop program by bringing together female early career researchers with a focus on industry and European participation. We will provide them with the opportunity to showcase their work in the form of posters and to network with role-models and peers in an environment designed to highlight benefits of, and routes to, diversity.”

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