NASA Optimizes Climate Impact Research with Cycle Computing

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CycleToday Cycle Computing announced its continued involvement in optimizing research spearheaded by NASA’s Center for Climate Simulation (NCCS) and the University of Minnesota.

Currently, a biomass measurement effort is underway in a coast-to-coast band of Sub-Saharan Africa. An over 10 million square kilometer region of Africa’s trees, a swath of acreage bigger than the entirety of the continental United States, is being counted in an effort to extrapolate its potential carbon emissions and climate impact. Utilizing several features of Cycle Computing’s CycleCloud, NASA was able to estimate that the area is home to approximately one billion trees, in an exponentially quicker and more cost effective way than ever before.

CycleCloud enabled the data transfer tools tasked with uploading image data from the NASA datacenter. CycleCloud managed the data links and created multiple streams to efficiently use available network bandwidth, enabling the autoscaling of data across multiple availability zones in order to quickly and cost-effectively process the data. NCCS reprocessed 43 terabytes of image data in just three days and this summer, it will reprocess an additional data layer improving image accuracy three-fold. The features and flexibility of CycleCloud are a key part of performing this important climate research.

Up until this project, no one has been able to determine the carbon in trees and bushes in the Earth’s arid zones because of the scope of the landmass, trees and bushes are scattered, and the computation resources to process large volumes of satellite data were not available. This is now possible with Cycle Computing’s cooperation with NASA. For the initial overview on this project, visit the NASA@SC15 website.trees

The Sub-Saharan tree count and carbon project has been one of the most fulfilling endeavors for Cycle Computing and our technology,” said Jason Stowe, CEO, Cycle Computing. “We are extremely pleased with how valuable our CycleCloud is to the overall time management and cost optimization of the project, and we are proud to know that we have had a hand in understanding the vegetation of a large area of our planet that is very impactful on the present and future of its climate. We’re looking forward to the next set of data and the findings that are made and continuing to be a part of this very important research.”

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