Video: Intel Sneak Peek at Knights Mill Processor for Machine Learning

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In this video from the 2016 Intel Developer Forum, Diane Bryant describes the company’s efforts to advance Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Along the way, she offers a sneak peak at the Knights Mill processor, the next generation of Intel Xeon Phi slated for release sometime in 2017.

By 2020, there will be more servers running data analytics and machine learning than any other workload.”

“Data scientists, developers, and researchers are using machine learning to gain insights previously out of reach. Programs that learn from experience are helping them discover how the human genome works, understand consumer behavior to a degree never before possible, and build systems for purchase recommendations, image recognition, and fraud prevention, among other uses. Now you can scale your machine learning and deep learning applications quickly – and gain insights more efficiently – with your existing hardware infrastructure. Popular open frameworks newly optimized for Intel, together with our advanced math libraries, make Intel Architecture-based platforms a smart choice for these projects.”

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