One Stop Systems Partners with Liqid on 3U Flash Storage Array

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onestopToday One Stop Systems announced the results of stealth startup Liqid Inc.’s testing and validation of the OSS 3U Flash Storage Array (FSA) with Kingston’s EP1000 NVMe SSDs. OSS’ FSA can accommodate up to 32 EP1000s and provide up to 250 TB of shared, RAIDable non-volatile PCIe flash storage.

One Stop Systems’ expertise in PCI Express expansion and custom systems allows companies to upgrade to the latest flash available without having to replace the entire system,” said Steve Cooper, OSS CEO. “We have partnered with Liqid to provide our customers with a leading option for enterprise-class flash storage. OSS is one of the only companies currently producing expansion products as dense as this FSA. By combining our PCIe expertise with Liqid’s PCIe flash storage and software expertise, we have created a state-of-the-art flash array that can provide fast response time, high-availability, and high-speed data processing in data centers, cloud environments, mega websites, and high-performance applications.”

The test configuration included the OSS FSA with 4 Kingston EP1000 NVMe PCIe SSDs connected to a server with 4 Intel E5 CPUs running Liqid OS. The non-cache, sustained from flash benchmarking, demonstrated performance of 16.60 GB/s 128 K sequential read and 14.07 GB/s 128 K sequential write speeds. With 4 Kingston EP1000 SSDs aggregate sequential read and write speeds achieved 2 GB/s greater performance than 16 PCIe flash cards striped in parallel from other vendors, as tested by independent reviewer Tom’s Hardware. The EP1000 cards powering the 3U FSA produced roughly 3.33 M read and 2.19 M write IOPS while running 4 K block transfers.

onestop2“Liqid Powered, the Kingston EP1000 PCIe SSDs are setting the performance bar for all other SSDs,” stated Jay Breakstone, Liqid CEO. “Aggregating and managing 10’s of GB/s and millions of IOPS via Liqid OS, in conjunction with high performance compute nodes connected to OSS arrays, enables enterprise customers across many verticals to drive the highest performance and lowest TCO per RU in today’s disaggregated data center.”

The FSA with up to 32 Kingston EP1000 NVMe SSDs and Liqid OS is available immediately. Visitors to the Flash Memory Summit can see the FSA, Powered by Liqid, at Booth #729 and #119.

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