OSS Introduces Flash Appliances

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The One Stop Systems FSAn-2

The One Stop Systems FSAn-2

Today One Stop Systems (OSS) introduced a pair of high-speed networked storage appliances that supports high-performance, shared storage services.

For many companies, the transition to an all-flash appliance becomes a simple replacement of 2.5″ HDDs with 2.5″ SSD using the same hardware infrastructure and software tools originally optimized for the HDD,” said Steve Cooper, OSS CEO. “The OSS approach optimizes the hardware for the environment and optimizes the software for the application in the Flash Storage Array for Networks product line (FSAn). This hardware and software optimization in the FSAn product line provides the best ROI in any environment by minimizing hardware and license costs through advance array-level optimizations while maximizing the utilization of the flash array through VSI and VDI application support.”

The FSAn-2 is capable of processing hundreds of thousands of concurrent data-access requests per second for I/O-intensive applications in the datacenter. It also frees administrators from the complications of managing excessive features not in need. The FSAn-2 offers a usable capacity of 13TB and the performance of more than 600,000 IOPS for 4KB random writes in 2U rack space.

OSS also introduced the FSAn-4 all-in-one flash array capable of supplying 200TB of useable PCIe NVMe flash.

The FSAn-4 is used in the datacenter for accelerating high-performance databases, Hadoop clusters and HPC applications with large data sets. The FSAn-4R rugged version is deployed in broadcast trucks, ground stations and surveillance aircraft. The FSAn-4 family provides a quantum leap in performance and application flexibility. it uses the highest performance PCIe NVMe flash with PCIe 3.0 x8 lanes for double the bandwidth of 2.5″ NVMe. In addition, it includes features such as hot swap and front loading.

One Stop Systems FSAn-4R

One Stop Systems’ expertise in PCI Express expansion has helped evolve our flash products from purely expansion systems to powerful, all-in one appliances,” said Steve Cooper, OSS CEO. Flash appliances have increasingly replaced traditional spinning disks in environments ranging from mobile devices to datacenters and defense vehicles. The high-performance, enterprise-class FSAn-4 and the field-ready FSAn-4R provide a new level of performance for applications such as real-time HPC analytics, big data and high speed data recording.”

Both products are available immediately.

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