OSS Rolls Out Magma StorageBox 1000 PCIe Expansion Chassis

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SB1000Today One Stop Systems introduced the Magma StorageBox 1000 PCIe expansion system. Targeted for HPC applications, the SBB1000 provides up to 25.6TB of NVMe SSD direct attached storage through eight 2.5″ drives to any standard server.

The SB1000 is a perfect complement to our leading line of high performance ExpressBox GPU acceleration products enabling high performance computing nodes for emerging cognitive computing applications leveraging big data” said Tim Miller, President of the Magma Business Unit of One Stop Systems. “OSS products enable modular and flexible configurations of tightly coupled compute, storage, and networking elements all leveraging the common high speed low latency PCIe fabric in a single node.”

The SB1000 attaches through a host attached PCIe x16 Gen 3 card and cable operating at 128Gbps. This 1U JBOF provides super-fast drive performance and low latency for the most demanding VDI, HPC and hyper scale applications.

One Stop Systems plans to target sales of the SB1000 towards its extensive client network in defense, aerospace, and music and entertainment. Additionally, One Stop Systems sees emerging industries in big data, cognitive computing, oil and gas exploration, and health and life sciences utilizing the SB1000 for its interconnect speed and computing acceleration.

The SB1000 is now available for purchase. Visitors to the Flash Memory Summit can see the SB1000 in Booth #119.

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