Panasas Rolls Out ActiveStor 20

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activestorToday Panasas introduced ActiveStor 20, its latest generation hybrid scale-out NAS appliance, featuring a 65 percent increase in flash and a 25 percent increase in hard drive capacity. High-density flash drives and 10 terabyte (TB) HGST Ultrastar He10 helium-based hard drives deliver superior unstructured sequential file and mixed-workload performance with rapid access to large and small files alike. Scalabiltity increases to more than 45 petabytes (PB) in a single namespace and performance ramps up to 360 gigabytes per second (GB/s) and 2.6M IOPS.

Organizations continue to demand new scalable capabilities from storage, compute and data management that allow them to keep pace with the staggering growth of data,” said David Sallak, vice president, products and solutions at Panasas. “ActiveStor 20 gives those who innovate, discover and develop at the leading edge a robust and scalable storage solution that meets high-performance expectations and improves on our outstanding total cost of ownership by delivering more capacity than ever, while holding the line on price.”

Based on a fifth-generation storage blade architecture, ActiveStor 20 continues the Panasas tradition of accelerating time-to-results and simplifying data management for demanding storage environments in life sciences, manufacturing, media, government, energy, and university research markets.

Key Features of ActiveStor 20

  • Up to 208TB1 capacity per ActiveStor
  • Up to 45PB2 max. PanFS namespace capacity
  • 1,800MB/s read and 1,600 MB/s write performance1 per ActiveStor
  • 360GB/s2 max. PanFS namespace throughput
  • 13,000 IOPS1 per ActiveStor
  • 2,600,000 IOPS2 max. PanFS namespace IOPS
  • DirectFlow, NFS and SMB protocol support
  • Multiprotocol support for Linux, Apple Mac and Microsoft Windows clients
  • PanFS 6.1 data availability and management features, including software-based RAID 6+, snapshots, user and group quotas, and SiteSync data replication

ActiveStor is a fully integrated clustered NAS appliance solution that incorporates flash and SATA storage nodes, a distributed performance-optimized file system, and client protocols to deliver data that is accessible, secure and easily managed. The patented PanFS 6.1 file system provides a single point of management across all systems and data. The DirectFlow data access protocol allows Linux and MacOS compute clients to access Panasas storage directly and in parallel, eliminating hotspots while delivering higher performance than what can be achieved with industry standard protocols. Exceptional data-protection is delivered through modern RAID 6+ software erasure-coding methods that increase reliability at scale, alongside bundled enterprise data services such as snapshots, user and group quotas, and SiteSync® data replication.

ActiveStor 20 is available for ordering now. Production systems will ship in August 2016.

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