SGI and ANSYS Achieve New World Record in HPC

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Gas Combustor 830M cell Model Courtesy of ANSYS

Gas Combustor 830M cell Model Courtesy of ANSYS

Over at the ANSYS Blog, Tony DeVarco writes that the company worked with SGI to break a world record for HPC scalability.

Breaking last year’s 129,024 core record by more than 16,000 cores, SGI was able to run the ANSYS provided 830 million cell gas combustor model from 1,296 to 145,152 CPU cores.This reduces the total solver wall clock time to run a single simulation from 20 minutes for 1,296 cores to a mere 13 seconds using 145,152 cores and achieving an overall scaling efficiency of 83%.”

ANSYS and SGI application engineers worked together to achieve a new world record for scaling ANSYS Fluent on a SGI ICE XA, which is one of the world’s fastest commercial distributed memory supercomputer platforms. The SGI manufacturing team had built a new system for our customer NCAR in the United States called “Cheyenne” and the system was going through its testing phases on our factory floor. The SGI applications team wanted to run a large benchmark of a commercial code on the full system and ANSYS Fluent fit the bill.

According to DeVarco, HPE also has a strong partnership with ANSYS as evidenced by a recent blog post by Bill Mannel. Once the deal closes, a combined HPE and SGI — together with ANSYS — will be able to offer, across the globe, one of the technology industry’s most comprehensive solution for ANSYS workloads.

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