Video: Using HPC to build Clean Energy Technologies

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Maria Chan (NST)

Maria Chan (NST)

In this video from the Argonne Out Loud series, Maria Chan from  presents: From Atoms to Clean Energy Technologies.

“People eagerly anticipate environmental benefits from advances in clean energy technologies, such as advanced batteries for electric cars and thin-film solar cells. Optimizing these technologies for peak performance requires an atomic-level understanding of the designer materials used to make them. But how is that achieved? Maria Chan will explain how computer modeling is used to investigate and even predict how materials behave and change, and how researchers use this information to help improve the materials’ performance. She will also discuss the open questions, challenges, and future strategies for using computation to advance energy materials.”

Maria Chan is an assistant scientist at Argonne’s Center for Nanoscale Materials and a fellow at the Computation Institute, a joint initiative between the University of Chicago and Argonne to advance science through innovative computational approaches.

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