Cycle Computing Publishes Cloud-Agnostic Glossary

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cloud-agnostic-glossary2Today Cycle Computing announced the Cloud-Agnostic Glossary, a solution brief written by Cycle Computing executives to help customers understand the different terms the different providers use and how they relate. With over 20 definitions, the glossary points to some of the term differences among the leading CSPs and aims to clarify their meanings.

Technology keeps evolving, terms keep changing, and because of this, we were inspired to stop and take a moment to develop a glossary to keep track of meanings in real time, and according to vendor,” said Jason Stowe, CEO, Cycle Computing. “We ended up with this great solution brief, worthy of reading and sharing. It’s a useful document that we plan to update regularly.”

Divided into 4 columns, Cycle’s Cloud-Agnostic Glossary provides a CSP-related concept and follows it with its common definition as seen by Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

“Over the years, I’ve kept notes for translating concepts across the providers. I’d always assumed someone had put together a more thorough Rosetta Stone, but when I went looking for one recently, I couldn’t find it. Some websites compare two providers, but nobody has put the three major providers on the same page. I figured if I had looked, others are looking, too. I decided to take my notes and fill them out with some additional details. The result is our new Cloud-Agnostic Glossary.”

Download the Cloud-Agnostic Glossary

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