Dell & EMC in HPC – The Journey so far and the Road Ahead

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dellemcIn this video from the 2016 HPC User Forum in Austin, Ed Turkel from Dell Technologies presents: High Performance Computing – Powering Innovation with Dell Systems.

“This week, Dell Technologies announced completion of the acquisition of EMC Corporation, creating a unique family of businesses that provides the essential infrastructure for organizations to build their digital future, transform IT and protect their most important asset, information. This combination creates a $74 billion market leader with an expansive technology portfolio that solves complex problems for customers in the industry’s fast-growing areas of hybrid cloud, software-defined data center, converged infrastructure, platform-as-a-service, data analytics, mobility and cybersecurity.”

In this video from the 2016 HPC User Forum in Austin, Percy Tzelnic from Dell Technologies presents: EMC in HPC – The Journey so Far and the Road Ahead with Dell.

HPC workloads include a wide gamut of commercial and research applications. From business applications for stock trades, fraud analysis and supply chain optimization to simulations and modeling for product development, such as automotive simulations, to research spanning a wide range of areas, including gene sequencing, drug development, weather analysis, oil and gas exploration, and product engineering and design, such as chip design. While all of these workloads crave greater bandwidth density and IOPS, combined with the lowest latency possible from the underlying storage infrastructure, different platforms are appropriate depending on specific needs. For workloads that demand extreme levels of storage performance without the need for PBs of data, DSSD D5 is the platform of choice as it delivers the highest levels of IOPS, bandwidth, latency and combines it with industry leading $/IOPS and a much smaller data center footprint. Commercial HPC and line of business applications such as oil & gas simulations, chip design, automotive simulations, genomics and bioinformatics, and financial modeling require massive scale throughput and connection scaling with minimal management overhead. These solutions require Isilon for its ability to scale to hundreds of nodes with little to no management overhead.”

Percy Tzelnic is Senior Vice President of Engineering for the Unified Storage Division. He is currently in charge of the cross-divisional Fast Data Initiative. Since 1994, Dr. Tzelnic founded and managed Network Attached Storage at EMC as an internal start-up, introducing new product lines for EMC in the Network Storage market. He led the design and development of several Network Attached Storage systems based on Intel platforms including Celerra File Server, Celerra Media Server, and Backup and Archival Server. He spearheaded market development and revenue growth to the point where NAS sales reached over $1.5 billion annual revenue and positioned EMC as the market share leader in the NAS market. Before joining EMC, Dr. Tzelnic managed the Network Advanced Development Group at Digital Equipment Corporation between 1989 and 1994. Prior to that, he served as Director of Software Engineering at Bytex and Director of VS Operating System Development at Wang Laboratories. He also taught Computer Science at universities in the U.S. and Israel.

In related news, Dell Technologies will host the Dell HPC Community Meeting on Nov. 12 in Salt Lake City.

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