Podcast: How PyLadies are Increasing Diversity in Coding and Data Science

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Dr. Julie Krugler Hollek

Dr. Julie Krugler Hollek, Data Scientist at Twitter

In this Intel Chip Chat podcast, Dr. Julie Krugler Hollek, co-organizer of PyLadies San Francisco and Data Scientist at Twitter, joins Allyson Klein to discuss efforts to democratize participation in open source communities and the future of data science.

“PyLadies helps people who identify as women become participants in open source Python projects like The SciPy Stack, a specification that provides access to machine learning and data visualization tools. Dr. Hollek highlights the ways that her own engagement with Pyladies and Hackbright Academy laid the foundation for her current role as a Data Scientist at Twitter. Additionally, Dr. Hollek addresses the importance of ethical data use in creating unbiased data science algorithms.”

pyladiesFor more information on PyLadies, please visit pyladies.com and follow Dr. Hollek on Twitter at twitter.com/jkru.

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