Video: HPC in the Cloud

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robertIn this video from the 2016 HPC User Forum in Austin, Robert Graybill from Nimbis Services presents: HPC in the Cloud.

“Nimbis was founded in 2008 by HPC industry veterans Robert Graybill and Brian Schott to act as the first nationwide brokerage clearinghouse for a broad spectrum of integrated cloud-based HPC platforms and applications. Our fully integrated online Technical Computing Marketplace comprises several stores hosting modeling and simulation applications on HPC platforms in the cloud.”

The Nimbis Services Technical Computing Marketplace connects sellers of technical computing applications on high performance computing platforms to small and medium business in the manufacturing supply chain in an easy, secure, pay-as-you-go, and worry-free environment. Buyers get affordable and fast access to the applications they need so they can focus on innovation instead of infrastructure. Sellers have an outlet to offer their applications and expertise that is promoted to the buyer community.

In related news, the next HPC User Forum events take place in Beijing Sept 22 and Oxford Sept. 29-30.

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